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Activity Box

Activity Box

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Kinder Box

Get our beloved Activity Boxes anywhere in the world as a digital download (.zip file). You will have to purchase supporting materials yourself.

Carefully curated and full of Montessori-based activities, our Activity Box is ideal for children from 3 to 7 years.

Each month brings a new topic with new materials so that you can build up an array of age-appropriate, child-centred educational activities that are sure to engage your little one with hours of play!

Unlike many other options out there, our boxes are non-consumable, with most activities being multi-use! In addition, the contents are put together with families in mind so that you can use one box for up to three children of different ages.

The digital download box contains

  • Detailed instructions for the adult,
  • 2 sets of printable Montessori vocabulary cards
  • 1 printable Maths OR Language activity,
  • A workbook to extend learning and
  • A shopping list for the hands-on activities.

    We also publish how-to videos for the more complex activities so that you can confidently show them to your child.

    Pictures for illustration only. Contents vary. The shopping lists contain affiliate links. When you buy through them, I earn a small commission at no extra cost to you.

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