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African Alphabet Cards

African Alphabet Cards

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High-quality African alphabet cards with extension material.

This amazing digital download with hand-drawn illustrations is ideal for children from three to five years. Using the phonetic approach, it provides a hand-drawn, detailed illustration of things in Africa - mostly animals - for each letter of the alphabet.

X has two versions - one with words that contain a clearly audible /x/ sound, and one that is blank (because there is no word in English that begins with a phonetic /x/ sound). You can choose which one to use!

In addition, the back of each card has ten more beginning-sound pictures that cover a range of objects, situations and context so that there's always something that children around the world would recognise.

The perfect addition to your language materials, these alphabet cards not only help letter recognition and phonemic awareness but also serve as a fantastic discussion starter while giving a glimpse into the wonderful continent that is Africa.

Simply print the PDF download on thin cardstock, fold and laminate.

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