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Art Cards 1.2: Amphibian Art

Art Cards 1.2: Amphibian Art

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Art cards are miniature representations of various artworks. The Amphibian Art Cards (Level 1 - see below) feature 10 pairs of traditional and contemporary amphibian-themed art.

How To Use

Instructions are included with the digital download. If you want to know more about art cards, read our blog here.

Need a video?

How do the Levels work?

Adapted from Aline Wolf's Child-Size Masterpieces.

Each level works on a different skill and has three degrees of complexity (1 - very different, 2 - somewhat different, 3 - only slightly different artworks).

  • Level 1: matching of identical artworks
  • Level 2: matching of similar artworks
  • Level 3: sorting artworks by artist
  • Level 4: classified cards of artists
  • Level 5: classified cards of famous artworks
  • Level 6: classified cards of art genres/eras
  • Level 7: discussion cards for art genres/eras
  • Level 8: timelines of artists
  • Level 9: timelines of art genres/eras

This work lasts children from three years to at least 10 years. Because of the great variety of art, the possibilities are endless - discover art from different times, locations, styles or movements!

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