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Hibernating and Migrating Animals - UK

Hibernating and Migrating Animals - UK

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Requested by Antonia from @montessoritots.

Content & Instructions

Learn about hibernating and migrating animals in the UK and Europe! This digital download is ideal for any season to start discussing the wintering strategies of animals.

Did you know that there is a difference between true hibernation and light-sleep hibernation? Ectothermic animals like ladybirds also don't really hibernate but rather enter something called diapause.

Comes with three informative posters about geese, hedgehogs and frogs and one worksheet.

Montessori Discussion Cards are a special type of vocabulary-building picture card. With cards that have a picture and its name, these hibernating & migrating sorting cards also include category labels and a control book with information text.

The cards themselves can be used as conversation starters, themed decorations or as a sorting exercise. They develop organisational facilities, pre-reading skills and curiosity about the world at large. With instructions included, our ready-to-print discussion cards can be utilised for a wide age range.

They’re easy to set up and engaging - simply print, cut, done! Presentation instructions are included.

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