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Bones of the Human Body

Bones of the Human Body

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Montessori 3-Part Cards usually consist of three pieces:

  • a control with the picture and its name
  • a picture without the name
  • a label without the picture

Our digital download cards feature bones of the human body and come with an extra text card for readers and a control booklet so the work is self-correcting and independent! With the optional cursive label (D'Nealian font), you can choose to include it or just use the print version.

3-Part Cards are used to explore a variety of topics that are otherwise inaccessible in a normal classroom or home, bridging space and time. They can be matched, used as a kind of flashcard in a 3-Period Lesson, adapted for memory games and serve as reading practice.

When you have the real objects or models available, the skeleton 3-Pard Cards are perfect to start or continue the path to abstraction. Using them for learning develops order, reading and visual discrimination. They build vocabulary and help with classification and categorisation.

These cards include pictures, labels and text for the following 25 bones:

  • femur, carpals
  • clavicle, cranium
  • fibula, humerus
  • ilium, ischium
  • mandible, metacarpals
  • metatarsals, patella
  • hand phalanges
  • feet phalanges
  • radius
  • ribs, sacrum
  • scapula, sternum
  • tarsals, tibia
  • ulna, vertebrae
  • skeleton

The instructions are included and give you at least three different ways to use the printable cards so that your children can learn about human bones!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Lisa Bee
Them Bones

I like this resource as it has multiple options. This will be great for my little one to learn about their body. I am really happy to add this to our classroom. Thanks.