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Art Cards 1.1 - Landscape Art

Art Cards 1.1 - Landscape Art

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Art cards are miniature representations of various artworks. The Landscape Art Cards (Level 1 - see below) feature 10 pairs of beautifully represented landscapes.

How To Use

Instructions are included with the digital download. If you want to know more about art cards, read our blog here.

Need a video?

How do the Levels work?

Adapted from Aline Wolf's Child-Size Masterpieces.

Each level works on a different skill and has three degrees of complexity (1 - very different, 2 - somewhat different, 3 - only slightly different artworks).

  • Level 1: matching of identical artworks
  • Level 2: matching of similar artworks
  • Level 3: sorting artworks by artist
  • Level 4: classified cards of artists
  • Level 5: classified cards of famous artworks
  • Level 6: classified cards of art genres/eras
  • Level 7: discussion cards for art genres/eras
  • Level 8: timelines of artists
  • Level 9: timelines of art genres/eras

This work lasts children from three years to at least 10 years. Because of the great variety of art, the possibilities are endless - discover art from different times, locations, styles or movements!

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