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Leaf Shape Sorting Cards

Leaf Shape Sorting Cards

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Learn about the shapes of leaves! Ideal for categorising and classifying plants at a later stage, these digital download cards can even be used as a simple colour-matching activity for young children (preparing their subconscious for Biology later).

Montessori Sorting Cards are a special type of vocabulary-building picture card. With cards that have pictures of differently shaped leaves, these sorting cards also include category labels.

The cards themselves can be used as conversation starters, themed decorations or as a sorting exercise. They develop organisational facilities, pre-reading skills and curiosity about the world at large. With instructions included, our ready-to-print leaf shape cards can be utilised for a wide age range. They’re easy to set up and engaging.

This resource includes cards for:

  • elliptic leaves
  • oblong leaves
  • ovate leaves
  • obovate leaves
  • linear leaves


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