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Montessori Green Reading Series

Montessori Green Reading Series

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The Montessori Green Reading Series teaches children to read words with phonograms. Find out more about teaching reading on our blog!

This reading series covers 23 individual phonemes using 35+ phonograms that make them and includes over 660 unique words!

Benefits for You

Our digital version can be printed at home, so you can pick exactly which lessons you want to show your child without taking up extra space.

For the classroom and homeschoolers, we organised the English phonemes into a logical sequence. Various exercises for each sound are clearly laid out and easy to use thanks to the included Master List and Student Tracker.

Teaching reading can be really daunting, so we put this together, tested it in our own classroom and modified it to be used by anyone, anywhere!

Since each phoneme/sound is isolated in almost all the exercises, the child needs to know only the phonetic alphabet to start this work. (The Picture Cards should be done in sequence as some later boxes include sounds that were practised in the earlier boxes - it's all explained in the Master List.)

With just a few minutes of practice every day, there should be noticeable progress in a month or two. 

The Master List explains exactly what's what so you don't need any teaching experience to start helping your child/ren read. There's a simple assessment to identify any weak spots, a student tracker to let the child keep an eye on their progress and box labels which show the words in each set so you never get confused or mixed up again!


Here's what you get in the 260+ pages, .zip-format download:

  • Admin Help
    • Master List (explains the sequence and contents, has a list of all words)
    • Phonograms Assessment (comes with answers)
    • Student Tracker (pre-primary/elementary versions)
    • Box Labels (perfect for craft drawers! Show the words per set)
  • Phonemic Awareness Exercises
  • Phonic Skills
  • Fluency
  • Comprehension
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Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Very nice work

I strongly believe people like you working for kids are simply kind and amazing.