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Namibian Money

Namibian Money

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This is a digital download bundle of Namibian money activities and cards.

It contains:

  • Namibian Money Classified Cards
  • Namibian Money - Security Features Nomenclature Cards
  • Namibian Money Make Me Cards
  • Namibian Play Money Printable 

The perfect set to help your children learn to identify, use, and work with Namibian money!

The Namibian Money Classified Cards show Namibia's six coins (from 5 cents to 10 dollars) and six notes (from 10 to 200 dollars) and include text cards that give more information on each note. We even have the 30-dollar note, commissioned to commemorate Namibia's 30th Independence Day!

The Namibian Money - Security Features Nomenclature Cards feature a hand-drawn illustration of a 20-dollar note and highlight each of the security features of Namibian currency.

The Namibian Money Make Me Cards are task cards that can be used as a game with an adult, or independently, teaching the child to recognise the different denominations and make amounts with them.

Lastly, the Namibian Play Money Printable allows you to print your very own Namibian play money! It includes 70x 5c, 55x 10c, 50x 50c and NAD1, 30x NAD5, 15x each note except the 30-dollar one (9x).

These resources cannot be missing from your study of Namibia.

Permission to reproduce images of the Namibian currency obtained from the Bank of Namibia.

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