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Timeline Masters

Timeline Masters

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These printable timelines are ideal to introduce the passage of time to children from the age of 4 upwards.

The product includes one pre-filled timeline from 160 BCE to 2070 CE, ready to print, cut and assemble. It also includes a blank timeline master you can print as many times as you need and then fill in years, months or anything else you want.

How to Use

The instructions for assembly are included. You need pre-made timeline cards or you can make your own, for example with family photos or newspaper cutouts.

What are Montessori Timelines?

Montessori timelines are a unique adaptation of our need to organise things. They depict events in chronological sequence and draw children in with their accuracy, endless possibility of exploration and order.

True to Montessori principles, timelines are simplified yet beautiful and show key events. Shorter timelines relevant to their immediate environment are used with children under 6: A Day in the Life, Seasons, Months, Birthdays & Holidays or even simple sequencing of daily processes and routines.

As children's imagination develops and they enter the second plane, the timelines expand, covering any topic in the universe. Iconic timelines are the Timeline of Life, the Clock of Eras or the Black Ribbon.

You can read more about their use on Montessori Daoshi or the NAMC Montessori Blog.

With our printable time line, you can easily include time study in your classroom or home.

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